About UAA

UAA UAA members have obtained many qualifications from different renowned institutions. We believe that the professional services provided by us will be beneficial to our clients.


Union Accounting & Auditing is a Chartered Accountants firm and management consultants providing professional services for the success of its clients by creating value and confidence, allowing them forward confidently in the new economy. UAA calls on International community to adopt new strategies with the rapid globalization of markets, the emergence of free Trade Zone opportunities provided by the expanded common markets. We offer them experts and contacts required The organization of Accounts & Audits plays a vital role in maintaining the firms funds to achieve correct financial results in addition to the implementation of relevant Laws, rules and regulation. UAA offering specialized expertise and knowledge in accounting and finance management that will truly improve the financial position of any organization.

Vision & Mission

Success through a positive mental attitude and globalization devise strategies at the headquarters

Deices the issue of the battle by the long journey. Becoming one of the most influential, financial advisors within the region before 2010 and helping our clients build shareholder value.


To be independent, objective, just and confidential to build economical profit and value.


In the 21st Century, knowledge has become an essential factor to determine the competitiveness of a company. UAA realizes the growing importance of intelligence to our clients. We aim at presenting ourselves as a group of professional certified public Accounts where :

  • The co-operation between our clients and our practice will benefit both parties
  • The merging of our knowledge base create a competitive edge over rivals